Episode 16: Fear of Flying When You Live Thousands of Kilometres Away (Shift the Shit #2 Unscripted!)

In this new segment, Shift the Shit, I’m real with you. I share the real moments from my life, hoping to show you that it happens to all of us and that it’s possible to get out of it.

In this episode, I share my fear of flying. I’ve been scared of flying since ever and living thousands of kilometres from my country of origin doesn’t really allow me to avoid it.

This year, I decided that was time to start dealing with this fear. As a coach, I believe in not dealing with challenges alone, so I went to regressive therapy. I share a bit more about the real nature of my fear of flying, which is not ultimately the fear of flying, but the fear of losing my loved ones (yet again).

The therapy took me to the moments from my past lives and it was a deep spiritual experience, where I experienced the connection to the real me, the universe, God and Love. I share some lessons from this deep experience which might help you too.

I chat with you about the experience of flying after the therapy. Spoiler Alert: I’m still scared, but it’s okay even when it still makes my stomach to turn. I learnt something. I learnt how precious are the present moments with my loved ones. I again remembered that the things are exactly as theyre supposed to be.

If you suffer from the same fear or an entirely different one, pop in those headphones and soak this unfiltered, unscripted episode because it might help you too.

===This episode’s coaching and action ===

  1. If you are dealing with fear, get help. You don’t have to deal with it alone. The fear might not disappear, but looking into it may bring you some ease and different perspectives that’ll make it easier to bear.
  2. Listen to the interview with a therapist Eniko Hajas to learn more about differences between therapy and coaching: http://zuzanamukumayi.com/episode-10/
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