Episode 7: Make Your Wife Your Priority and Laughter Your Medicine, with Sofia Hilli and Rasberg Gwanzura (Real Intercultural Couples #2)

South Africa, Finland, almost the opposite poles of the Earth. How to navigate the cultural differences when your partner is from so different culture?

This is what we chat about in this episode with Sofia and Rasberg, an interracial couple currently living in Finland. Sofia is Finnish, Rasberg comes from South Africa where they met and lived the first couple of years.

Sofia talks about the beginning of the relationship back in South Africa, steering through the cultural normalcy that was unusual to her. Rasberg goes on explaining how difficult was to adjust to some aspects of the Finnish culture when moving to Finland.

We chat about how adjusting in the relationship can lead to developing new qualities you come to appreciate, and at the same time understanding that our partner’s behavior might not be something personal as we often interpret it, but just a culturally normal behavior.

Rasberg explains how difficult it can be to balance the South African way of respecting the parents and older family members and also making sure that the family respects the wife, especially if she comes from a different culture where things are completely different. He cracks down on the so common and seemingly unsolvable of dilemma of choosing the African family vs. European wife.

Sofia shares how laughing together and playing pranks helps the couple to keep strong, as well as going to couples’ therapy. Rasberg touches on this self-development journey, and how he came to appreciate therapy, even if he comes from the culture, where accepting this kind of support is not common and usually frowned upon.

If you want to hear their story, get inspired for your own relationship on how to navigate two very different cultures and still have a great relationship, being able to push through the challenges that will inevitably appear, pop in those headphones, listen to this episode and choose to Screw Being Unhappy!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

  • Laugh with your partner, goof around and really have fun.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Go to couples’ therapy, if you can.
  • If you always dreamed of trying or doing something, go for it. It might be the best leap of your life.

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