6 weeks to change your life

You’ve been living a certain way your entire life. Building new powerful habits that will bring you more joy in relationships, ease dealing with everyday challenges, increase our productivity and build your self-confidence is hard. Especially getting rid of your Inner Critic that has been telling you you’re not good or smart enough to make your dream happen. And it takes courage.

Instead of striving for perfection and feeling like you’re doomed to fail, what about trying to be a little less imperfect each day? What would it be like to build a new way of thinking? Taking life day by day, step by step?

Most attempts at positive change fail because we stop at insight and don’t create habits. The dream life you want requires building new powerful habits – habits that will give you the life you really want

That’s what the ©Positive Intelligence Programme gives you. In just 6 weeks, you’ll lay down the foundation for staying more calm, focused and positive even when life feels is like a rollercoaster.

Individual 1:1 coaching

Here’s what I want you to know …

I have been where you’re at right now, and hand on heart, I still experience the challenges you’re experiencing. That’s life. Struggles and challenges are part of it, and living good life is not about making your life clear of all the difficulties – that’s plain impossible. The key is to learn how to deal with the adversities with grace and the mindset of learning, so every time you learn something new and get a step closer to your dreams.

You deserve to thrive in all areas of life that matter to you. Relationships. Business. Money. Family. Fun. Community. Creating habits that serve you. This was me:

In my first long-term relationship, I felt utterly unprepared for a real relationship. I mean, I was lost. I didn’t understand what being in a healthy relationship looked like. I ended up divorced after two years of trying to figure out how to make it work.

After being employed for all my life, I realized by productivity eroded. How do I remain productive and efficient while having no boss? How do I make sure that I work on what is important? How do I avoid the trap of working on urgent, easy tasks? How the heck I stay out of meaningless scrolling?

Being the person having peanut butter or egg sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I felt I want to eat better but I struggled because cooking is not my favourite past time. I felt the coffee is not making me stronger, even if my brain was telling me it does. And even though I had long stretches in my life when I used to train or go to gym regularly, after starting my business and having a baby I couldn’t figure it out.

I love living in Zambia, but sometimes it can be really hard. No family and close friends nearby, creating community is hard. Dealing with challenges people who don’t have feet in different countries like we do can be so frustrating and lonely.

Zuzana Mukumayi, a couple of years ago

I managed to make it work. Now, I have a great loving relationship with my husband, I have my own business I love, I’m slowly but surely getting closer to my long-term goals. I eat better, I stopped drinking coffee on regular basis and I exercise. Slowly I am creating my small community here in Zambia.

The point is: “If I can do it, you can do it too.”

You can 100% work on it alone, but I have the hint that if you’re reading this right now, doing it alone is not working exactly as well or fast as you’d like it. Am I right? And you know what? You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t get extra points for doing it alone. The goal is to get where you want.

The goal is to create the relationship you want.

The goal is to be productive and efficient, whether you have a boss or not.

The goal is that finally you stick to the habit that will serve you in your life.

The goal is to be financially secure.

The goal is to have people around you you can lean on, have fun with and feel at home

I can help you on this journey. I’ll be there to support you in creating concrete action steps and plans for your goals, I’ll be there to guide you to dig deeper into the reasons why you don’t have what you want. I’ll be there by your side when you slump (and when you win!). I’ll be there to point out your blind spots.

I’ll show up for you 100%. I swear to bring in openness, honesty and fun, creating judgment-free zone when you can be utterly honest, with yourself and with me.

Having a coach have changed my life and always having my own coach, I can assure you that having a coach by your side makes life lighter. With a coach, impossible starts to become possible. I believe you can do it, and you deserve this. I’ll excited and humbled to be by your side supporting you in making your dreams happen in real life.

Accountability coaching

Worried that the healthy habits you worked so hard to create will go out of the window once the initial excitement fades?

Are you worried that instead of building that amazing life you really WANT, you’ll end up procrastinating and talking about your big dreams?

Are you terrified of spending your life on social media instead of actually doing something meaningful?

I’ve got you. I know how freaking hard it can be. I’m in it with you.

Having an accountability buddy increases your chances of actually hitting your goal by 95%. It’s not that you are weak or hopeless, you just need somebody to hold you accountable. Somebody who will be there, especially on the days when you’ll feel like hiding in the blankets with a bar of chocolate and Netflix instead of getting the workout and your new project done.

I’ll make sure that you’re proud of yourself instead of feeling down. I’ll remind you to celebrate your wins and I’ll be there to kick your assets if you’re not doing what you said you’ll do just because you got scared, distracted or “just” didn’t feel like it. Are you ready to hit your goals and create the habits you always wanted?

I have two options for you:

  • Life and Accountability Coaching when we dive deeper into your motivation and barriers while creating new strategies for you to get your tasks done
  • Accountability Coaching when I check-in with you daily making sure you keep ticking that task list of yours off

Your Investment


Single coaching session (60 min): $80 (1 800Kč)

Standard monthly package (4 sessions – 30 min each): $140 (3 200Kč)

Premium monthly package (4 sessions – 30 min each – with two weekly accountability check-ins via chat): $190 (4 450Kč)


Monthly package (daily check-ins (Mo-Fri) via chat): $250 (5 850Kč)


Kindly inquire here or send me an email to zuzana@zuzanamukumayi.com