Here’s what I want you to know …

Struggles and challenges are part of life, and living a good life while staying committed to our goals is about constant adjustment and experimentation. You can learn how to deal with the adversities with grace and the mindset of learning, so you’re constantly going forward.

You deserve to thrive in all areas of life that matter to you. Business. Relationships. Money. Family. Fun. Community. Creating habits that serve you.

I’m more relaxed. If I have an unproductive day, I bounce back. I do the hourly blocks to do focused work. I process emotions better throughout the day. I feel better about self-care and no longer feel guilty.


Business Owner, USA

I see you

You have a full-time job, loving people around you and things you enjoy doing. Your life is good. Yet, you want more and you are ready to work on your dreams. You want to create your business so you are financially independent. Or you want a better, higher-paying job (without that terrible boss!) that makes you happier. You have this vision of yourself with great productivity and health habits, that propel you into new heights. You care about your relationships and your hobbies as they bring you joy and liveliness – you don’t want to be one of those people, who know only work. That’s not the life you want to live.


You know life is too short

You have a lot on your plate: 9 to 5 job or your existing business, children to take care of and spend quality time with, a romantic relationships to nourish: perhaps planning your wedding or starting to date again, trying to stay fit and healthy by exercising and cooking healthy meals. You care about finding time for yourself and your hobbies, working on your side projects and other things you wanted to do for ages, yet somehow, it still didn’t happen…All this is important to you and you don’t want to compromise, but you feel stuck trying to create the life you want. You feel overwhelmed and frustrated….


Here’s how I can help

You need the support of a life coach who understands what you’re going through, walks the walk herself and believes achieving balance and dreams in life is 100% possible. You need a life coach who will work with you to find personalized tailor-made solutions, as there is no one-size-fits-all, for how to create more time and energy making sure you execute the tasks that you committed to. This means first exploring your goals and creating concrete, time-bound plans, that will give you direction on a weekly and daily basis, no matter how much (or little) time you can devote to what is important to you. This will give you…


…The Blueprint for You…

Working with Zuzana motivates me to make changes, I feel much calmer and more in flow. I’m more in touch with myself, maintaining my life direction. Staying in harmony helps me to be more supportive of others and my relationships have strengthened. I feel less fear and I can better express my needs and communicate them in a healthy way.


Business Owner, Czech Republic

…The 5 Steps to Get Your Stuff Done…

Design a concrete, time-bound plan. You need to know the WHY that fuels you. I’ll help you discover it. Once you know it, you’ll never forget. You’ll have direction and know what to prioritize every day.

What you do daily, creates your life. And chances are, you have a few habits that are destroying your progress, and you’re not aware of them. I’ll guide you to see what’s working, and what’s slowing you down. You’re going to understand your habits in a brand new way using my Get Stuff Done formula. You’ll have a tool box of habits, that’ll boost your productivity, health and energy.

It doesn’t matter which strategy you use if your mindset isn’t right. Your mindset is 80% of your success, and it today’s hectic, distraction-filled world, I’ll show you how to make it your #1 ally. This is why you need a coach by your side. You’ll learn to use your mind as a powerful tool of support, not an enemy.

There’s Buddhist wisdom that says: “When you feel like you have no time, you need to pause.” I’ll teach you how to generate energy. There’s going to be days that are tough, but with a few tips and tricks, you’re gonna learn how to have energy at your beck and call whenever you want it.

Humans rarely take action without an outside catalyst to spur them on. Having a guide on your journey is the key to creating the life you want. I’ll encourage you, keep you accountable and support you to take action. At this point in our time together, you’ll have tapped into what is fully possible for you. You’re getting the stuff done.

Zuzana was a wonderful coach who helped me to focus on tasks and get stuff done. She is a smart, attentive, and dedicated professional. She is a talented person, and a nice lady to work with. I found her communication excellent, and she is keen to help people to improve their lives.


Business Owner, UK

I feel more balanced internally and I’m able to see my (love) relationship from various angles. Thanks to coaching with Zuzana, I’m more productive and actually manage to complete some tasks. I plan differently and I focus not only on tasks but also on long-term goals or how I want to feel. This way of doing things makes more sense to me.


Development Cooperation Professional, Czech Republic

Zuzana is super talented, and incisive. I also appreciated her efficiency and reliability: she delivers a gold version of her promise. I’m feeling a 1000% happier, and on track again.

Anonymous (as requested by the client)

Author, UK/South Africa

I have cut back on cakes and treats to once a week and I go walking regularly. I now have a regular writing routine and I also go to the library once a week to focus on my own projects which was something I really wanted to do and Zuzana encouraged me. I’m also more organised. These changes have made a huge difference – I’m more focused on my goals, less wish-washy.

Zuzana really listened to me and helped me to make changes. I now spend more time working towards my goals and less time sitting around eating junk food. I’m also more productive in my writing career. Zuzana has a great manner, very focused and courteous. She helped me see things from a different angle and encouraged me to focus on my goals.


Author, Ireland