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  • Episode 37: See The Positive in Your Life, with Ally Murphy
    If you’ve been struggling to see the positive in your life or your current situation, this episode is for you. If you want to get a smile on your face and get inspired, it’s for you too. Today, I’m chatting with Ally Murphy, a voiceover artist and ex-flight attendant who decided to start sharing the…
  • Episode 36: Courage to Change [COACHING INSIGHTS #7]
    In this COACHING INSIGHTS episode, I talk about the courage you need to change and achieve what you want. I share how uncomfortable the change can be, alongside 2 questions that’ll help you to decide, if you go for it or not. You’ll find more real-life examples and tips right in this quick episode where…
  • Episode 35: Seek Discomfort and Achieve Your Dreams – even with ADHD, with Abdul Haseeb
    If you’ve been struggling with organization, planning and getting stuff done, while having ADHD, this episode is for you! If you want so new fresh perspective on what you can do to challenge yourself and grow, so you achieve your dreams, listen in. In this episode, I chat with Abdul Haseeb, Pakistan’s first ADHD coach….

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