Episode 10: Who Said You Have To Deal with Everything Alone?!, with Enikö Hajas (COACHING MINI-SERIES)

Have you been recently feeling stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward? Never been to a therapist or never worked with a coach? In that case, you’re in the right place!

In this episode we chat with Enikö Hajas, an integrative therapist helping people living abroad, about therapy, coaching, how are these two approaches different (and similar!) and how going to therapy or hiring a coach could help you to get unstuck and dramatically change your life.

Enikö shares her own journey becoming a therapist for expats being influenced by her own experience living abroad since teenage years. Even though she has a couch in her office, therapy is no longer the old-fashioned “lying on the sofa beside a male therapist smoking a cigar telling you what to do with your life” stereotype.

Therapy and coaching have much in common and often overlap, especially when it comes to revealing our blind spots and thought or behavioural patterns that negatively influence our lives. Enikö explains how therapy can be more suitable when you need to address and heal deep emotions from the past, meanwhile coaching is more future oriented.

We dig deeper into how therapy coexists with coaching and how often both of them are integrated, as understanding our patterns is key not only for healing the past, but also for living in the present day and achieving our dreams and ideal life in future.

Enikö and I couldn’t leave the discussion without zooming in on the fact, that often the life gets so much easier if we get help. We both stress that it’s no imperative that we have to solve all our problems on our own, but it can be exactly the opposite: being vulnerable and being able to ask for help takes strength, courage, determination and confidence.

If you want a sneak peek into therapist’s and coach’s kitchen, learn more about both approaches and see if that could actually help you to get unstuck, pop in those headphones, listen to this episode and choose to Screw Being Unhappy!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

  • If you’re down, shift your ROLE from the one that brought you negative feelings into the one that lifts you up so you remind yourself how excellent you are.
  • Start your day by taking time to be grateful for what you have and reflecting on what is amiss.
  • Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Get help – either of a therapist or a coach.

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