Episode 17: When The World Is Harsh: Living With Bipolar Disorder, with Rae Rose

Rae, a disabled mother of two, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder when 18, but has been experiencing its impacts since her childhood. The world is a harsh place for Rae, but she’s persistent and publish her essays and poetry regularly.

In this episode, we chat about Rae’s story and her personal experience with mental illness. She shares how it feels and how hard each day for her is, while bringing up two children and being a wife.

Rae talks about how her doctors told her she can’t have children because she would be a danger to them, and how her husband helped her realize that that’s not true. With her own examples, she fights stereotypes about people with bipolar disorder showing that being disabled doesn’t mean not being capable.

We discuss how to approach talking about mental disorders with our close relatives or friends, and how we can support our loved ones living with bipolar. Rae also shares her own podcast, where she shares the important stories of people living with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Towards the end, we chat about Aunt Gladys – or as you may know her/him – your Inner Critic we all have in our heads. Rae shares one of the – at the same time, funny and scary – conversations with Aunt Gladys and her trick on how to stop listening to her, so you can get on with your life.

So, if you want to soak a conversation about something new, get inspired because your loved ones deal with mental illness or get tips for yourself being bipolar, pop in those headphones and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

What lifts Rae up:

  • Her children.

Rae´s one tip on what to do after listening to this episode so your life starts changing:

  • Get an appointment with your own personal Aunt Gladys (your Inner Critic) and have an honest chat about her lies where she tells you how you’re not good enough or not smart enough (and other stuff of this sort).
  • For more about your Inner Critic, listen to the Episode 4 Feel Better Even on the Most Awful Day by Saying NO to Judgment: https://zuzanamukumayi.com/episode-4/

Get inspired by who inspires Rae:

  • Her mom and dad, who have been writers their entire lives. Rae’s mom waited 18 years to get first accepted for the publication, proving that if you want to succeed, the only thing you have to do is NOT TO GIVE UP.

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