Episode 20: Tired of Avoiding? 3 Strategies That’ll Help You to Get Your Stuff Done

Do you avoid tasks that you know you have to do, but somehow you can’t make it happen? Do you say yes, when you’d rather say no? Do you do things last minute just before the deadline? Are you really good at making plans, but you never act on them? If you answered yes at least to one of these questions, this episode is for you!

First, I describe the three ways we usually avoid things that we want to do. I talk about procrastination, doing things last minute or saying yes to things that we actually don’t want to do. After that, I talk about the type of Inner Critic, the Avoider Saboteur, who is the culprit of this avoidance. I highlight that in reality, this happens because of some of your great natural strengths being taken to the extreme end, that doesn’t serve you anymore.

The first strategy to get your stuff done I talk about is actually having a daily to-do list. Sounding simple and rather common advice, this actually works. If you have a hard time starting on a task, try the 10-minute rule: just give yourself ten minutes to work on the task.

Having external accountability is the second strategy. Although it might not be the most sustainable solution, it can give you that necessary kick in the butt you need right now to start moving. Get an accountability buddy, commit publicly to what you want to do or consider working with an accountability coach.

The third strategy is all about the environment and how you set yourself up for success by making the desired behaviour easy, and the undesired behaviour difficult. Getting rid of distractions and creating a nice environment that makes you do your task is key.

Towards the end of the episode, I summarize the action steps you can start taking right after listening. So, pop in those headphones, get your stuff done, and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

  1. Start being conscious about your avoider and know that you don’t have to listen to her
  2. Pick one thing you have been avoiding for ages. Ask yourself: “Do I really want to do it?”
  3. If the answer is yes, which strategies you can try? Maybe all?
  4. Implement those strategies and get the thing done.
  5. Repeat with all the other tasks

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