Episode 26: Feeling Like a Porn Star [COACHING INSIGHTS #3]

My client has just come from a holiday with his family. His goal was to feel like a porn star. And he made it!

Today, we will talk ENERGY. If you have it, your life is amazing. You’re productive, you are confident and happier. If you don’t have it, everything is just harder. You’re less productive, less confident and not happy as you could be.

Let’s go back to the Porn Star. It’s not what you’re thinking! And yes, I had a similar reaction when he said it during our coaching session. For him, it was about not worrying about the constant need to work really hard to be successful. He wanted to relax, but his belief that he needs to work hard all the time was taking the joy away.

The holiday was a success. My client came back elated, because of the sudden abundance of energy. In one day after holidays, he was able to do tasks, that have been pending for months. And he wanted to keep it that way. This holiday was an eye opener to him when it comes to the importance of energy and the implications it had for his productivity.

Contrary to the belief that most of us are taught, activities that make us energized are not “nice to have” and something to do only “after work” or when we finally “have enough time”. They are a prerequisite. We need to focus on the activities and habits that bring us energy if we want to achieve our goals in life. We need that energy to keep going. Every day, even when things are hard or not going according to the plan.

Here, I’d like to offer you new perspective that’ll dramatically improve your life: “Having energy is number one priority, it is not an afterthought. It is not luxury, but a necessity.”

These are the five things that will significantly improve your energy levels:

  • Sleep
  • Better food and staying hydrated
  • Exercise
  • Focus
  • Doing things that you love

If you haven’t felt that much energy lately, ask yourself this> Am I getting enough sleep? Am I eating well and drinking enough? Do I exercise? When I work, do I focus with all my attention reducing distractions or multitasking? Do I do what I love?

This is where you start. Pick one, and start creating new habits around that. With the new mindset of energy not being a nice to have, but a prerequisite.

The choice is yours. If you want to be more productive, confident and happier, work on your energy levels.

If it sounds too overwhelming or if you need the external accountability to stick with your new habits, I can support you. Message me and let’s have a conversation about this!

Remember, I’m here for you. If you are ready to work on this, book an initial chat here so we have an honest conversation and see if we are a great fit to work together!

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