Episode 27: How Psychedelics Can Help You To Recover from Burnout and Find the Lost Balance, with Eliza Collins

If you ever experienced burnout, are nearing that point now or want to get inspired and learn something new, this episode is perfect for you. Eliza, alias The Burnout Witch, made it her mission to help others to get out of survival mode, by using psychedelics.

Eliza shares how her own experience with severe trauma as a baby led her to perfectionism and the constant need for over-achievement, which eventually led her to her own burnout while building her own business. She opens up how impossible was it for her to feel the connection between her brain and body.

We chat through how Eliza sought support with improving her business but got support to heal from her burnout instead. Eliza describes that even though she had multiple resources available to her to calm her mind and feel the body-mind connection, breathing, meditation or mindfulness never actually quite worked for her. Everything changed when she went on her first assisted psychedelic trip.

Eliza describes that using psychedelics wouldn’t be the first approach she would use with her clients, and we chat about the importance of both preparation (and having other resources available) as well as integration after the psychedelic experience. She highlights that the key to the success of healing and changing past negative patterns using psychedelics, especially micro-dosing, is that you learn how to learn from the experience.

We couldn’t leave out the discussion about why the psychedelics research in the 1960s in the US and other countries got to a halt and why it is only recently that psychedelics are finding their way back into therapy and treatment of mental illnesses. We chat about the negative connotations and stereotypes connected with psychedelics, as well as the incredible effect of psychedelics on our brain’s neuroplasticity.

If you want to learn more about burnout and how psychedelics work, shift your own perceptions of psychedelics or learn something new, pop in those headphones and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

What lifts Eliza up:

  • Music. Find the songs that you associate with the feelings you want to re-create.
  • We chatted about the August Rush movie, a touching story of a separated boy and his young parents who live with music.

Eliza´s one tip on what to do after listening to this episode so your life starts changing:

  • Take the first tiny step to get help, even if it is just following Eliza, somebody else or a specific hashtag on social media, so you can get closer to the valuable information you might need.

Get inspired by who inspires Eliza:

  • Brené Brown. Any of her works, but especially The Atlas of the Heart.

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