Episode 29: How To Toss the Disempowering Stories You Tell Yourself and Live with Confidence, with Abbey Heagney

You probably know intimately the voice that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you’re not capable of achieving your dreams. The Inner Critic, Judge, Inner Mean Girl (or Boy!), Resistance or Monsters are here to keep us safe within our comfort zone making sure we don’t try too much to get what we really want.

This is what we chatted about with Abbey in this episode. Abbey is a health and mindset coach helping women to quiet their inner mean girl and feel healthier and more confident in their habits, their decisions, and their lives.

Abbey starts by sharing her own story of how for years she developed extremely unhealthy relationships with her body, with food and with working out. She was probably the healthiest person on the planet, yet in a way that didn’t allow her to live with confidence and ease. She was stuck in a constant cycle of measuring calories, eating “good” foods, avoiding “bad” foods and working out to avoid putting on weight.

We chat about how to stop listening to those disempowering stories our inner judge tells us, while pointing out that these stories will never go away. We talk about our power of purposely deciding not to act on these stories, while still hearing them.

This may seem simple, but doing this work takes courage and time. Abbey goes through the main obstacles you might face once you embark on this liberating work towards higher confidence. We discuss the arbitrariness of timelines we set for ourselves and our misunderstanding of failure, which are two hurdles that often make us give up.

If you want to feel free of your internal stories that hold you back, start or keep building your confidence and healthy relationship with your body or food, pop in those headphones, listen to this episode, do the exercises and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

What lifts Abbey up:

  • Moving the body
  • Walking on the beach and being near water

Get inspired by who inspires Abbey:

  • Children. Watch your or other children and truly allow yourself to get inspired from how they approach everything that comes their way.

Abbey´s one tip on what to do after listening to this episode so your life starts changing:

  • Write down the inner dialogue you are having with yourself. Write it down without thinking about it and then read it without any agenda nor judgment. How does that feels? Do these thoughts serve you? Do you want to keep them?

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