Episode 31: Begin Investing, Generate Profit and Positive Change, with Pavla Wernerová

If you’re anything like me two years ago, you might think that investments are only for those financially savvy and wealthy people, not you. You may also think that investing is all about supporting those big corporations that are not exactly ethical or environmentally friendly. Today, we will show you otherwise!

Pavla Wernerová is a financial advisor who specializes in ethical and sustainable investing. She teaches how to avoid investing in industries that pollute the planet and harm society and invest only in areas that are aligned with your moral values, so your investment brings not only profit but also a positive impact.

Pavla starts by sharing her own story of realizing that her investments were not aligned with her values. She deeply cared about the environment, but some of her investments were going to firms that she actually did not want to support. She wanted her money to have a positive impact too.

We chat about the misconception that investing is only for certain people and that you may need a lots of money to start. In contrary to that, Pavla advises to start small. We talk about the compound interest and how time plays an extremely important role, being the biggest incentive to start investing as soon as possible, even if in tiny amounts.

Sustainable investment may mean something else for each of us, so Pavla unpacks what to pay attention to and how to decide, where one would want to invest. I draw on my life coaching experience and we talk about how our “WHY” is important not only when it comes to our careers, relationships, projects, but also when it comes to finances and investments. We chat about habits related to money and Pavla shares important first step: taking record of how we actually spend our money (so we bust the myth that we have no money to invest!).

We wrap up with Pavla sharing quite uncommon advice when it comes to finance, which is all about if we should (or should not?) listen to our hearts. If you are a complete newbie to investment and feel like it is overwhelming and not for you, this episode is for you. If you are already investing, but were wondering how to make your finances work more ethically and environmentally friendly, listen in, pop in those headphones, take the action and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

What lifts Pavla up:

  • Her cats

Get inspired by who inspires Pavla:

  • Regular people around her. This is a mindset shift! What if you chose to see what you can get inspired by in every person you meet?

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