Episode 33: Losing Focus in Marketing? Be Intentional in Your Marketing, with Hannah Cremona

Marketing is often the biggest pain point for new entrepreneurs. Lack of time, energy and the multitude of “proven strategies” resulting in overwhelm and a lack of focus often cause that we don’t move as fast as we could or give up altogether.

In this episode, I chat with Hannah Cremona, a business strategist specializing in organic marketing strategies. Unexpectedly, we start the conversation with a kidnapping Hannah experienced years ago in Tanzania, one event that eventually led her from native Malta to Nepal, where she currently lives with her husband and a child.

Having feet in different countries often leads to the necessity of creating our own businesses or making sure, that we can do what we do in any place, in any time zone. In addition to that, life happens and not many of us are blessed with a ton of time, so Hannah shares her tips on how to be very intentional when it comes to time and energy spent on creating business.

We continue chatting about the importance of tailoring our marketing to our particular situation. Unfortunately, there is not one size fits all, but we should make sure, we market only to people we really want to work with. Commitment and grit are prerequisites to success. Hannah goes on and share five tips, that we should ensure once creating our businesses, especially while having feet in many countries or travelling.

If you are one of us for whom marketing does not come easily or are looking for a refreshing break during your busy day, pop in those headphones, listen to this episode and choose to Screw Being Unhappy, even if it is one tiny step a day!

===This episode’s inspiration and action ===

What lifts Hannah up:

  • Music and dance

Get inspired by who inspires Hannah:

  • Regular people. A man in a grocery store. A woman who helps in her household.

Hannah´s one tip on what to do after listening to this episode so your life starts changing:

  • “Goal audit”: when you have a moment, sit and look at your plans, strategies and things you do every day. Question each of these with “Is this aligned with my goal”? This exercise will make sure that you are intentional about what you are doing and use your scarce energy and time to move toward your dream.

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