Episode 36: Courage to Change [COACHING INSIGHTS #7]

In this COACHING INSIGHTS episode, I talk about the courage you need to change and achieve what you want.

I share how uncomfortable the change can be, alongside 2 questions that’ll help you to decide, if you go for it or not.

You’ll find more real-life examples and tips right in this quick episode where I share real coaching insights so you too can benefit from life coaching and get inspired!

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There is always a first for everything. One of my clients sent me a message that he would like not to continue coaching and wants to quit our last session in the coaching package. This was just after the session, when we chatted about how to do significant changes in life and created concrete action points. After that session, I was excited about what he embarked on, because he really deserves it.

Yes, coaching can become really uncomfortable. All our fears and inner critics can become activated, because suddenly, we want to change the status quo that has been there for ages. Our inner critic will do anything to keep us within our comfort zone, it will fight, teeth and fist, to make sure that we don’t progress. Because it is nice and cosy where we are at right now, even if, on the higher level, we are not happy with it.

As humans, we crave normalcy. It’s easier to stay in the situation that we are familiar with, even if it is not serving us anymore or is outright harmful for us.

Have you been saying yes to all requests forever and are fed up with it, but the steps to start saying no are too scary?

Have people in your workplace have been taking advantage of you, but it is too scary to quit?

Have you been in relationship that makes you unhappy, but the vision of you being alone and finding another partner scares the heck out of you?

Coaching is there for you to start taking steps towards your dreams. Coaching is there to help you to start taking steps towards better life and towards the best possible version of self you want.

It is going to be hard. It is going to be uncomfortable. It may make you anxious or scared. Maybe, you will want to quit.

You have two choices here. Ask yourself this:

What would my life look like if I don’t take any action?

What would my life look like if I take action?

Journal through this. Think of all the areas of your life that are important to you.

Which one of the two options do you want? The life where you take NO action or the life you take action?

I truly hope you pick second option, but that is not my call. It is yours. As a coach, I can’t decide for you.

It will be uncomfortable, because you are trying to change something you have been doing for years. All the fears will come out stronger then ever. Your inner critic will fight strong so you keep believing the lies he has been telling you about yourself, other people or your situation.

But you can do it. I 100% believe that.

I will be by your side, reminding you about the amazing change you want to create in your life. I will be encouraging you to be courageous enough. I will hold you when you want to give up.

But the ultimate decision to keep going is YOURS.

If you decided you want to do this and want me to be there with you, message me and let’s have a conversation how we can create the life you dream of.

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