Episode 38: 5 Tips to Fit Everything Important into Your Schedule [COACHING INSIGHTS #8]

In this COACHING INSIGHTS episode, I share why having a vision is your super power and will dramatically help you to fit everything important into your days.

I share 5 tips that’ll help you to organize your schedule and be at able to be productive while not forgetting things that truly matter to you.

You’ll find more real-life examples and tips right in this quick episode where I share real coaching insights so you too can benefit from life coaching and get inspired!

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My client felt guilty. He felt guilty because he was not able to balance the things important to him and always felt that he was not giving enough or not showing up enough in one of the areas of life that he wanted to focus on.

When he found time for family, he felt guilty about not working enough. When he found time for friends, he felt guilty not having the creative time for himself.

When he worked out, he felt guilty about neglecting his family and friends.

We often want to fit everything important to us into our schedules.

Work, business, family, friends, romantic relationships, hobbies, exercise.

We feel overwhelmed just looking at all these items we have to fit in the waking hours of the day.

We feel intimidated and discouraged by the list that looks impossible to achieve.

What is the trick here? How can you devote time to everything that’s important to you in your life, yet not feel overwhelmed, discouraged or guilty?

I recognize that balancing all the areas of our life is difficult.

It’s so easy for “life to happen” making us forget the important things that aren’t urgent.

We get easily swept away working on urgent things while forgetting the important ones.

We get carried away by our 9-5 job forgetting the dream of building our own business.

We’re so exhausted by the childcare that we forget we have a relationship to take care of.

We put in all our time taking care of our aging parents ending up having no time to focus on finding the romantic partner we dream about.

Again, this is hard.

We don’t have unlimited hours in a day, but where our superpower lies is having a clear vision for the future.

Take out your notebook, log in to your mural or grab the markers for your whiteboard and jot down all the areas of your life that are important to you.

Under each area, ask yourself:

 “What would be really awesome here?

What would l like to do?

 What would I like to have?

How would I like to feel?”.

Write that down. You have a first draft of your vision.

Here are five thoughts I usually share with my clients when we discuss how to fit everything that’s important to them in their schedules:

One. Acknowledge that you have limited time.

Two. Make sure that every day, you take at least one step in the direction of your vision.

Three. You can be 100% committed even 10 minutes a day.

Four. Urgent things are often not important. Make sure you find time for the important tasks that are not urgent.

Five. Think of things you spend doing every day, but are not important. These are your pockets of time to reallocate.

Thinking through these five thoughts I just offered to you, will help you to acknowledge the nature of life and the human being you are.

It will bring more kindness towards yourself and the necessary focus you need.

It will propel you to adjust your daily schedules and find the rhythm that works.

Perhaps, one day, you can be with your parents, while the other day you work out at the gym or go for a date.

Perhaps, you dedicate twenty minutes each day to start working on your business.

Perhaps you realize, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore about not doing everything all the time.

You’ll see that you’ll enjoy your life more.

It may sound simplistic… Yes, there are a lot of details to pay attention to I didn’t manage to fit in this short video, but I discuss them during coaching sessions with clients.

That’s why having a coach can help you navigate this.

NO ONE knows how to do this without support.

It might just be time to learn how to manage your limited time (even if you feel it’s mission impossible).

If you’re ready, click the link below and let’s talk if having a coach by your side is your next best step.

After all, time is ticking…

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