Episode 8: Unfollowed on Instagram! The Real Way I Dealt with Feeling Worthless (Shift the Shit #1 Unscripted!)

In this new segment, Shift the Shit, I’m real with you. I share the shitty moments from my life, hoping to show you that it happens to all of us and that it’s possible to get out of it.

In this episode, I share how I lost my balance because I broke my own policy of not checking the phone in the morning learning that somebody unfollowed me.

I share a bit more of the story as I want you to know that this happens to all of us, even to Michelle Obama as she describes in her new book The Light We Carry and that it’s okay. Our inner critic or Judge is part of our life and our human experience.

Having a set of strategies for how to react in the moments when your inner critic shows us telling you you’re not worth a penny is key. I talk about my personal strategies, doing my mindfulness exercise, coaching myself and doing an activity that recharges me, encouraging you to develop your own unique strategies.

The ability to identify the moment when our Judge talks are essential because then, we can decide not to believe the rubbish she tells us. There lies freedom.

I explore why we should give ourselves a break by respecting ourselves and putting ourselves in the first spot, deliberately labelling our Judge and hopping on our proven strategies so we can come out of the suck hole in meaningful time, instead of boiling in negative feelings for hours or days.

If you want to get inspired, pop in those headphones and enjoy this unfiltered, unscripted episode!

P.S. I’ll help you to put all this into practice and test it out on the real challenging situation you’re experiencing right now in a live workshop I’ll hold on Thursday 20th April. Grab your free seat now so you can get unstuck and realize what your best next steps are.

===This episode’s coaching and action ===

  1. Learn how to recognize your Judge, for more listen to the episode 4: http://zuzanamukumayi.com/episode-4/
  2. Identify your own set of strategies that’ll get you out of the dark place, be playful and try what works for you
  3. Join me at the workshop where Ill teach you more strategies how to do this. Grab your free seat to the workshop: https://www.subscribepage.com/3stepworkshop

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